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Chipmunks are well established throughout the United States and Canada. Species numbers appear to be stable. However, there are a few factors that can lead either to decline, or growth of Chipmunk population. Natural predators are one of the most influential factors. The species has many predators that have to be avoided. The Chipmunk suffers from foxes, snakes, coyotes, weasels, and other animals. Owls also present a threat for Chipmunks. However, owl attacks do not occur too often since Chipmunks are usually active during the daytime.

Chipmunks also suffer from traffic. Quite a number of rodents are killed yearly on roadsides. Competition for food and area is also a limiting factor for the Chipmunk. The species may fight squirrels and other small mammals, which is sometimes lethal. Attacks during the breeding season can also lead to death.

Chipmunks - Relations with Man

Chipmunks ate sometimes kept as pets. They make good human companions and are fun to watch. Besides, the Chipmunk is a curious sight in the wild. Its habits and behavior have yet to be learned. Also, the species is of economic importance to humans. These small rodents are instrumental in seed spread. They improve the ecosystem by storing seeds for food.

However, in some regions the population of Chipmunks is really great. The species is considered a harmful pest and has to be managed. The Chipmunk is likely to be detrimental to wildlife since it damages pine seeds and prevents reforestation. Trapping is considered one of the most effective ways to manage the species. It is recommended to avoid poisoning while managing Chipmunks due to its negative influence on the ecology of the region.

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 Chipmunks - Pictures
The Chipmunk Place © 1996-2003
Dennis Owca Burnsville MN. USA

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 Chipmunks - Pictures
The Chipmunk Place © 1996-2003
Dennis Owca Burnsville MN. USA

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